Choose Your Own Summer Adventure!

Want to spend your days on the shore of a northern Arizona lake watching those big puffy monsoon clouds roll by? Or maybe enjoying the relaxing roll of the mighty Colorado River as it sweeps your stress downstream and replaces it with fond memories? There are also great day trip options for when you need to stay a little closer to your responsibilities at work or home. There truly is something for everyone in your Arizona state parks, especially during summer months when the diversity of park options shines bright.                                     
The beach at Patagonia Lake State Park!


Explore the Possibilities
Common summer options for park visitors include boating, fishing, and hiking. These fun activities stand the test of time and have built lifetime memories for countless park visitors. They continue to be amazing options while visiting your Arizona state parks, but what about something different? Broaden your horizons with these exhilarating activities and see your Arizona state parks through a new lens. 

Bird is the Word
Sure, we’ve all seen an interesting bird and watched it go about its bird day. Appreciation of our flying friends can lead into a full-fledged hobby. Many of your state parks are great places to find plenty of winged action. You don’t need much to get started, but with a little accessorizing you can take this  pastime to the next level. 
Hotspots: Alamo  |  Catalina  |  Dead Horse  |  Oracle  |  Patagonia  |  Red Rock  |  Roper
Boots, binoculars, and a book…The three “Bs” of birding. That’s really all you need (in addition to a plan) before getting started. Take a stroll down the trail with your sub-conscious as a guide. Move slowly and take in the sights and sounds of the world around you. When you see something rustling in the branches, raise your binoculars for a closer look. Can’t identify it? No problem! Either your bird identification book or state park bird ID list will come in handy for that! With each trip, try to best your previous outing with number of species spotted. Challenging yourself on a regular basis will just add another dimension to this fun, rewarding activity.
Watchable Wildlife
Watching the wildlife in your state parks is similar to birding but requires an added amount of stealth in your approach. Animals in the parks may be more approachable than animals outside the parks, but they’re still wild! Please use common sense and caution without feeding them or getting too close while watching. Finding and photographing animals is a great way to create lasting memories…Here’s how to do it!
Hotspots: Catalina  |  Fool Hollow  |  Lost Dutchman  |  Oracle  |  Patagonia  |  Red Rock  | Tonto
Animals rely on their senses to survive and trust their instincts. Here's some advice to help you get close enough for an intimate viewing experience or amazing photo opportunity. Use the wind in your favor while approaching or looking for animals to view. If it is in your face, or at least a crosswind, you’re less likely be detected. Walk quietly and slowly to minimize the chance of the animals seeing your movement or hearing you approach. When possible, scan the area ahead of you with your binoculars for movement. Then, snap some great pictures and enjoy!

A Scenic Escape

Goodfellow Lodge, situated within scenic Tonto Natural Bridge State Park and nestled deep in Pine Canyon, is available for overnight park guests. This rustically built, historic lodge is equipped with all the modern features for a great getaway. Take a look in detail at the beautiful architecture and scenic North Central Arizona location, and then take a trip to see for yourself…

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18 Jul 2018

By Elaine Earle