City of Bisbee

City of Bisbee

Bisbee’s Visitor Center is located inside the Queen Mine Tour building:

478 Dart Road, Bisbee, AZ 85603

(520) 432-3554

Bisbee is more than just a geographical location—it’s a state of mind. If you are visiting Bisbee during the first few months of the year, then you will be able to experience some of our unique events happening throughout town.

The second Saturday of every month is an opportune time to enjoy the Bisbee After Five Artwalk. Shops and galleries stay open until 8:00pm and host different people to see all the unique items they carry. There is a theme for every event, and there are sometimes raffles to win awesome gifts. Another event on the second Saturday of February is the Bisbee Chocolate Tasting. Hundreds come out each year to indulge in sweet treats lovingly created by local bakers and chocolatiers, accompanied by the live music throughout town.

The following month be sure to bring your family to the Make Youth Arts Festival on March 24th to get hands-on with Bisbee’s arts culture. The Make Fest is a free all-day festival packed with art experiences for kids of all ages. The art making activities, which are taught by local artists, have included painting, screen printing, fabric arts, clay sculpture, figure drawing, poetry, music, and dance.

April 7th-8th - The 9th Annual Copper Classic Vintage Baseball Tournament will feature teams from the Arizona League and the Colorado All-Stars. Watch players dressed in vintage 1860’s uniforms, observing the baseball rules of that era.


1. New Year’s Eve

2. Bisbee After 5 Artwalk

3. Bisbee Chocolate Tasting

4. Make Youth Arts Festival

5. Queen Mine Tour

6. Walk at San Pedro River

7. Self-guided Art Walk to find all the random, local art pieces in town

8. Walk down beautiful Main Street to experience amazing local shops and galleries

9. Check out the Magic Show at Bisbee Séance Room

10. Warm up by walking our thousands of steps randomly placed throughout Old Bisbee

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21 Mar 2018

By Elaine Earle