Friday is the Beginning of Arizona Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week is also a good time to call attention to the importance of food to the Arizona travel experience. Visitors to the state spend $4.4 billion annually on food-and-beverage services, and F&B is one of the fastest-growing tourism-spending commodities that AOT tracks. Even during the recession, visitor spending on food and beverage stayed stable or even grew, while almost everything else dipped.

It's no surprise, then, that culinary is one of the four brand pillars we shape our marketing efforts around. One of the ways we’re telling Arizona’s culinary story is through, a collaboration between AOT and the Arizona Restaurant Association. On this site visitors and locals alike can discover reasons to travel for food, whether it be a weekend dine-around in Cottonwood or a gastronomy tour of Marana.

I encourage you to check out regular features such as Eat Like a Tourist and Meet the Maker, and also join me in following Expedition Foodie AZ on Instagram.

And if you know of an Arizona restaurant that deserves to be included in Expedition Foodie’s business listings, please submit a suggestion.


Debbie Johnson
Director, Arizona Office of Tourism

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16 May 2018

By Elaine Earle